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The top European specialists in countering criminal threats set up Inside.CO SA in 2000 in order to provide the most reliable solutions in terms of prevention, due diligence and risk management against criminal structures and illegal trafficking. Since 2007, Inside.CO SA has also developed in-house specialism in economic due diligence and fraud prevention, with several international references in these areas joining our team.

The rapid increase in legislation and professional regulations aimed at monitoring and countering the activities of criminal networks means huge constraints for the private sector. But are such regulatory approaches enough to protect your company against criminal acts?

In fact, the threats from organized crime are becoming more powerful and diverse: the risks are multiple and more specialized than ever (international scams, money laundering, waste trafficking, corruption, counterfeiting) – and impact on every kind of activity (whether finance, business, industry or the public sector). Neither companies nor public institutions can afford to ignore the threat these risks pose to their operations.