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The Inside.CO’s network is based on the ethics and professional skills of our partners.

This allows us to mobilize the best resources and obtain the exact information you require on specialized topic wherever you may operrate in the world.

Inside.CO SA can respond to your needs with the efficience and diligence you deserve. Our network allows Inside.CO Sa to offer standards of quality far beyond those of similar services. We choose our partners based on their professional skills and outstanding ethics. At Inside.CO SA, we guarantees the quality and reliability of the information we provide and we offer the most secure and innovative analysis of criminal risks.

Inside.CO SA has at its disposition highly-refined techniques for the evaluation of criminal networks.

Nicolas Giannakopoulos is one of the international top-specialist in the area of organized crime and criminal structures. During his studies he leads since 1991, M. Giannakopoulos has always had the concern to merge both research and practical tools and analysis by using scientific research in immediately applical tools for practitioners. M. Giannakopoulos is actively involved both in public and private sides in the development of the techniques and tools aiming at the best-ever management of criminal risks. The both operational and research sides of his action makes him an international recognized expert in the field of criminal risks for companies and public sector.