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Our Solutions

Investigation programs

  • Analysis and Consultancy: our Strategic Survey, Market analysis or Risk Analysis programmes are based on a continuous surveillance over a pre-defined environment where direct and indirect criminal threats might occur.
  • Training: we deliver on-demand specific trainings and seminars on money-laundering and other organised crime issues. Learn how to deal with these essential issues.
  • Securization of communication
  • Intrusion tests (ethical hacking)
  • Research and monitoring on counterfeiting networks and brand protection
  • Research and monitoring on cyber criminality networks and cyber attacks
  • Corporate ethical audits and assessments: We check the existence and application of internal ethical and compliance codes, rules, processes or guidelines and help you to refine, adapt or create them. We help you to transform them into one of you're major company's asset. Nicolas Giannakopoulos is one of the european specialists with more than 10-years of experience into corporate ethics and compliance.


Our Services

Inside.CO SA (Services) is the only company currently capable of providing market-specific services pertaining to criminal networks and organized financial crime. It regroups the best European specialists, all of whom can boast a wealth of professional experience in handling the complex issues involving organized crime and criminal networks.

The rapid increasing of legislation and professional regulations aimed at the control and struggle of the criminal networks activities creates huge constraints to private companies. But are these enough to protect them against criminal threats? The menace is growing in power and diversity:risks are multiple and more specialized than ever (international scams, money laundering, traffics, corruption) and hit every kind of activity (finance, business, industry, public grants).

Companies and public institutions cannot afford to ignore such risks that threatens their own futur.

Inside.CO offers you to answer efficiently to your needs. Through our international network of specialists. This network allows Inside.CO to propose standards of quality far beyond anything available elsewhere. We choose our partners based ont the professional qualities and outstanding ethics.

Inside.CO guarantees the quality and reliability of its information and offers the most secure and innovative analysis in the evaluation of criminal risk. Inside.CO has at its disposition highly refined techniques for the evaluation of criminal networks.

Inside.CO’s network is based on our partners’ ethics and professional quality. It allows us to set up the right track to go after the right information you need at that moment within specialized topics almost everywhere in the world.